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Hack Trillian 3 Basic to Use Other Plugins

For some time I have been using the popular instant messaging client Trillian from Cerulean Studios. In the basic version it allows a person to connect to MSN, Yahoo, AOL / ICQ, and IRC. The four largest instant messaging communities all in one application. It saves my system memory space and removes all the crap I don't need that is installed by default on the standard IM clients. I have recently needed to add a fifth community when I had people connect to me from Google Talk. Their application was simple enough but now I had two IM clients instead of one. Fortunately Cerulean Studios has created the ability to add plug-ins to Trillian and many people have created some fun and interesting plug-ins. They are however for use with the Pro version and not the free Basic version. So I tried a few simple things to see if I could get the Jabber plug-in working with Trillian Basic. The end result was simple but it meant I lost one of my other IM connections. For me I choose the loose the IRC connection because, well for starters, it lacked features I use and I am not always in IRC chat rooms. You can choose any of the connections you don't use though.
1) Download the plug-in you want to use from the Cerulean Studios site.
2) Install the plug-in to the directory that holds Trillian's plug-ins. (Usually c:\Program Files\Trillian\plug-ins\)
3) Add the batch file below to the Trillian directory
4) Add a new automation in Trillian's advance preferences to execute a program when Trillian starts, and choose the batch file you just created.
5) Each time you load Trillian, go to the plug-ins area of Trillian's preferences and un-check the plug-in you do not want to use. Keep the preferences window OPEN.
6) The batch file will have loaded and will be waiting for you to press a key. Do this only after the plug-in you do not want to use is shown as UNchecked
7) When the batch file window is gone, click the check mark of the plug-in you had unchecked and it will automatically become the new plug-in you want to use. If you don't get this right the first time just exit from Trillian and start it again. Upgrading Trillian will break this setup so save a copy of the plugin you want to use before updating to new versions of Trillian Basic. You can only swap one plugin, trying to swap more causes the swapped plugins to be disabled. I would enjoy reading what you guys end up using this for and how you have improved on it. Wright them in the comments or send me an e-mail with the contact button in the top right of the page. Change the irc.dll to whatever DLL you will not be using and jirc.dll to whatever plugin DLL you will be using. Batch file:
@ echo off
cd c:\program files\trillian\plugins
rename irc.dll Jirc.dll
rename irc.dl irc.dll
echo irc.dll back to normal
cd c:\program files\trillian\plugins
ECHO Open the plugin panel and turn off IRC
rename irc.dll irc.dl
rename Jirc.dll irc.dll
echo irc.dll set to jabber


  1. When I attempt to re-check the IRC plugin, I get an error message that says "This is not a valid Trillian Plugin.". I have just downloaded and installed Trillian 3.1 - do I need to get an older version in order to use this hack?

  2. I made an edit to the blog to make it more readable. What is the plugin you can't get to work?

  3. can i do this but instead of loosing irc, loose aim?

  4. I didn't see a reason why not, so I tried it and it works just the same. Just modify the batch file to use aim.dll instead of irc.dll and jirc.dll (originally jabber.dll) was changed to jaim.dll

  5. Is there a way to just have it load the jabber dll? I'm thinking not but your steps above worked perfectly.

  6. I have not yet found a different way to laod the DLL. To be honest I didn't want to invest the time to it.

  7. The new version of Trillian, Astra, is out for download. It has a lot of the plug-ins available right out of the box for free. Not to mention the Yahoo plug-in isn't going to be usable soon.


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