Opera hack: add/remove search site to toolbar 2

  In the last Opera hack for search sites I showed how to add search sites to Opera that would become available in the toolbar. Opera has created a far simpler way of doing this now so I thought it would be the right thing to do and show you this new method also.
  When you are at a site with an input field simply right click on the field and choose "Create Search..." It will automatically know what the code is and give you the option to modify the name of the search, if you want to have a keyword to use, and so on. It really is that easy for almost any page that has a search field. This easy to use method gives you the ability to do more, wth a little know how. These sites sometimes use what's known as a post option to submit your information to the server. For example TinyURL . When you create a search for this page you are actually creating a shortcut that lets you submit a web address to make smaller without having to go to the site first. It also creates a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the address bar in a way that most browsers can not. You are given the ability to create command style queries and submissions that can save time.
  Let's look at this closer. Let us say you would like to create a search for Twitter that actually updates what you are doing. This way all you have to do is type a keyword and your message. You first need to log into the site. once you are logged in you right click on the field that you input your text to and choose "Create Search..." Then you give the search a keyword like tweet or twitter and save the search by clicking the OK button. Now you can use the address bar to submit twitter updates like this:
tweet using Opera to submit my tweets.
OR if you are viewing a web page you want to submit you just enter your keyword and message like this:
tweet this site is awesome! http://www.johndgeek.com
Simple, don't you think? This method could be done for almost any site that has a single text input like you would find in a search site. I would love to hear what sites you use this on and what sites you have had trouble using this on.


  1. I just discovered I have to re-create the Twitter search every day. I'm looking at a solution and I'll post it as my next blog.


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