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Showing posts from August, 2005

Disgruntled at Daddy

Some of you that visit my site will sometimes notice that, for a brief second or two, I have an icon display in the address bar. Once the page is fully loaded the icon is changed back to the common boring icon that is always there. I sent several emails and even call their tech support to see if they would update there service so I could display the icon as I want to. Here is what is happening. When I set the masking option on, Go Daddy uses a special web page from their servers that reads all of my web pages code and displays it on your browser. It looks as though the problem is that it only looks at the information in a specific area and ignores everything else. They do have in place an option to enter most of the ignored information in their web administration tool, but not everything. It would be an easy update to add a field entry for a "Favicon" or favorites icon address, and that is truly all I'm asking of them to provide. If you are using Go Daddy I urge you to

The Underbelly of Junk Mail

I just finished watching a report about porn junk mail on NBC's Dateline tonight and saw something that reminded me of some other business actions not allowed in the US. The story went along the line that people, family people, where receiving pornographic e-mail without asking for it. The reporter John Hockenberry then went on a journey of two continents and 4 cities to trek down and confront the actual person that send the e-mail. I found it interesting that even though each piece of mail is identified with a code that shows you who sent the mail, no one wanted to correct the problem. Through Mr. Hockenberry's trips to Toronto, Las Vegas and Montreal He came across companies that did not have a physical listing. At the same time he found that several companies employed the same people even though they know they are breaking policies set by the company. This is all fine and well and I do think that junk mail is a part of business that laws have turned there back on. What I don