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Opera hack: add/remove search site to toolbar 2

  In the last Opera hack for search sites I showed how to add search sites to Opera that would become available in the toolbar. Opera has created a far simpler way of doing this now so I thought it would be the right thing to do and show you this new method also.   When you are at a site with an input field simply right click on the field and choose "Create Search..." It will automatically know what the code is and give you the option to modify the name of the search, if you want to have a keyword to use, and so on. It really is that easy for almost any page that has a search field. This easy to use method gives you the ability to do more, wth a little know how. These sites sometimes use what's known as a post option to submit your information to the server. For example TinyURL . When you create a search for this page you are actually creating a shortcut that lets you submit a web address to make smaller without having to go to the site first. It also creates a wonderful

Hack Trillian 3 Basic to Use Other Plugins

For some time I have been using the popular instant messaging client Trillian from Cerulean Studios. In the basic version it allows a person to connect to MSN, Yahoo, AOL / ICQ, and IRC. The four largest instant messaging communities all in one application. It saves my system memory space and removes all the crap I don't need that is installed by default on the standard IM clients. I have recently needed to add a fifth community when I had people connect to me from Google Talk. Their application was simple enough but now I had two IM clients instead of one. Fortunately Cerulean Studios has created the ability to add plug-ins to Trillian and many people have created some fun and interesting plug-ins. They are however for use with the Pro version and not the free Basic version. So I tried a few simple things to see if I could get the Jabber plug-in working with Trillian Basic. The end result was simple but it meant I lost one of my other IM connections. For me I choose the loose th

Online Calendar Scybe Flickr Photostream of Scrybe The internet has more and more entered its way into everything we do as a society. It has become an awesome resource for information and communication. The new frontier is using the internet as an application. The beginning of this is personal information management apps or PIM for short. They usually consist of a calendar a contact list or some place to take notes. Think of your day planner and now put it on the internet. That is the idea behind what the team building Scrybe are trying to accomplish. They are also trying to bring the information to you even if you don't have an internet connection. This is done through what they call papersync and creating a page that can be used offline. They looked to have a great idea but let's see if they hit the mark. Logging into the site is simple enough. One thing to note is that you have the ability to save your workspace for when you are offline. This can be done because the whole s


Almost anywhere you look you can find someone or something playing music. Since the time of Napster the internet has been linked to music with little success from the powers that be to separate them. As if almost in spite of the efforts to keep a tight hold onto the rights to distribute the music places like Amazon, Napster, Real player, and iTunes have legitimized the internet as a system to distribute music. Among all this confusion piracy still holds a place when looking to acquire a song or album. The RIAA would have you believe that the number is much larger then it could be but since the applications and sites that host the illicit content do not keep tabs or share the information with anyone it is near imposable to know for sure. While it seems that all the angles have been covered and that you could not find another avenue, hope is just a web address away. In an effort to distance myself from pop-media music I started to look for sites that offered great content that was not

New site design

After some years I had decided that the design of the site needed an update so I spent some time and put together something that might do better with search engines as well as looking just a tiny bit more professional. Not much has been happening for me in the past few weeks. I'll have some great new posts in the next day or so. Some things to look forward to are reviews of some great sites that deal with music and also a follow up on iscrybe and google calendar. I'll also have a follow up to the grand central site so keep an eye out for that. As you might have read on the home page I have had a block on the design of the page, but just as I posted the note I started to have a few ideas. As always I welcome your comments and ideas so keep them coming.

Easy way to add panels in Opera

Hello again to everyone on the net. I'm writing again with a great tip for Opera users. This is a built in feature of Opera that allows you to add any web page as a panel. First lets understand what the panel is. The panel is the side bar or area that you can quickly choose from things like your contacts or downloads. If you press the F4 key on your keyboard you will see it hide and appear. It can be customized to appear at the top, bottom, left, right or even float in the Opera window by choosing the appearance option of the tools menu. If you look at the Panels tab of the appearance dialogue window, you will see you can choose what can be hidden or displayed. You will then see that you can add web panels as well. Web panels are bookmarks of web pages that can be access inside the panel window. This is very useful for calendar web pages like scrybe or google calendar and social websites like pownce or twitter . When you bookmark sites that you want to view in the panel window