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Opera: Hack: Add torrent search in toolbar

Below I have the three most popular torrent sites set for use with Opera. Simply copy and paste to the search.ini file and Opera should have them ready for use in the toolbar. Have requests or questions send me a comment. [Search Engine 4] Name=Pirate Bay URL= Query= Key=pb Is post=0 Has endseparator=0 Encoding=utf-8 Search Type=119 Verbtext=17063 Position=-1 Nameid=0 [Search Engine 5] Name=Torrent Spy URL= Query= Key=ts Is post=0 Has endseparator=0 Encoding=utf-8 Search Type=119 Verbtext=17063 Position=-1 Nameid=0 [Search Engine 6] Name=Iso Hunt URL= Query= Key=ih Is post=0 Has endseparator=0 Encoding=utf-8 Search Type=119 Verbtext=17063 Position=-1 Nameid=0

Opera hack: move your profile

I have a complex install of Windows on my computer. The main install of Windows in on a smaller drive (C:) and the rest of my stuff is on a second drive (X:). Since my C drive is small I try to move anything I can to the much rommier X drive. Since I've been an Opera user for at least 3 or 4 years now I have a lot of crap built up in my profile directory that can be moved. If you are running with just one drive you might want to move the profile into the Opera directory in you Program Files directory, or where ever you installed it to, for better control. First we change some settings in the INI files Opera Uses. Actualy it's only one INI file, opera6.ini, to be exact. Before you edit the file save a copy of it as a backup. With that done all you do is change C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Opera\Opera7\profile\ to where ever you want to put it. There are several areas in the INI file that you will have to change so I recomend using a text editing tool like word

Opera Hack: Remove advertising content from older versions of Opera

Even though Opera is now free of banner ads the stuff that contoled it was not removed. In this hack we are simply cleaning up the mess and insureing ourselvs that our system is clean. First off we need to remove the directory that held the ad content. open your Opera profile directory and you will see one called ACPO. just highlight and delete it. next is the regestry settings. Open regedit and then follow this path. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Opera Software highlight the folder "Opera Software" and export it so you have a backup. Then delete it. Your done. Now the Opera ad bar and ad contents are no longer on you system.

Opera hack: add/remove search site to toolbar

If you use Opera I'm sure you have wondered once or twice about adding or removing a search site or two from the search field dropdown. I have mine to the right of my address bar and it only shows the search options I want. This save me time and headaches when doing a search. I hope to add a new hack to Opera each week to show it's flexibility and power. let's get started. 1) You need to know where the information for the search sites is held. Fortunately Opera has named the file search.ini. Since it's an INI file it will be a real easy hack, because all you need is your favourite text editing app. So now that we know we are looking for search.ini you can search the main drive for the file or go directly to it. C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Opera\Opera8\profile The Opera8 directory could be Opera7 or even 6 depending on when you first installed Opera. An other thing to note is the main drive I have listed could be different for you also. 2) Open t

Review: Software: Gizmo Project

A few months ago the company SIP Phone released a competitive software called Gizmo Project . It's a program that allows a person with an internet connection to make a phone call to other computers or land line phone. It was an effort to compete with Skype which is also a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program, and a popular one too. Skype like many of the preceding Voip software uses a proprietary technology which has just recently been open with an API for open development. Gizmo uses of the shelf software and a semi open community to develop the software. One thing I notice while using Gizmo is the call quality. It is very close to a phone call. I don't notice any reduction in quality when in a conference call and it's easy to use. One thing I don't like about it is the interface it uses. It's very large and clunky for my tastes and I can't shrink it down to any size I want. when you call someone or receive a call from someone it increases the amount

Review: Software: Opera

If you've spent any amount of time on my site you'll see that I have a link to the underdog browser Opera. I myself use Opera and I have not had any problems with a majority of the sites I have visited. One thing I like about it is that skins. I like the ability to make the browser look and feel different depending on my moods. With Opera you can add remove icons select skins and even set color choices. the menus are very intuitive in almost everything and the options are well labeled. I know what I'm changing and what it means to make that change. This browser has so many features right from the get go I'm only going to name a few and get you interested to discover the rest. First off the browser is fast when rendering pages. They use tabs instead of new windows. A great feature is the saved sessions. With saved sessions you can have several sites open at the click of a button. Very handy for web geeks like me who want several sites open at once all the time. Another g

Disgruntled at Daddy

Some of you that visit my site will sometimes notice that, for a brief second or two, I have an icon display in the address bar. Once the page is fully loaded the icon is changed back to the common boring icon that is always there. I sent several emails and even call their tech support to see if they would update there service so I could display the icon as I want to. Here is what is happening. When I set the masking option on, Go Daddy uses a special web page from their servers that reads all of my web pages code and displays it on your browser. It looks as though the problem is that it only looks at the information in a specific area and ignores everything else. They do have in place an option to enter most of the ignored information in their web administration tool, but not everything. It would be an easy update to add a field entry for a "Favicon" or favorites icon address, and that is truly all I'm asking of them to provide. If you are using Go Daddy I urge you to

The Underbelly of Junk Mail

I just finished watching a report about porn junk mail on NBC's Dateline tonight and saw something that reminded me of some other business actions not allowed in the US. The story went along the line that people, family people, where receiving pornographic e-mail without asking for it. The reporter John Hockenberry then went on a journey of two continents and 4 cities to trek down and confront the actual person that send the e-mail. I found it interesting that even though each piece of mail is identified with a code that shows you who sent the mail, no one wanted to correct the problem. Through Mr. Hockenberry's trips to Toronto, Las Vegas and Montreal He came across companies that did not have a physical listing. At the same time he found that several companies employed the same people even though they know they are breaking policies set by the company. This is all fine and well and I do think that junk mail is a part of business that laws have turned there back on. What I don

Peer 2 Peer sharing

Recently the supreme court ruled that a company that makes software can be held accountable if it is shown that the intention of the software was for illegal use. Many other tech savvy sites equate this ruling to gun makers being responsible for gun related murders and armed robbery. I do see the similarities but I think gun violence is a far more serious crime then copyright piracy. And yet we have millions of dollars being spent to create legal boundaries on who is responsible when little Johnny downloads a song. If companies can be held accountable for creating programs like Grokster, Kazza, and Limewire then what about the companies that create FTP server and client software? What about the companies that create the old telnet bulletin board systems? Each of these are methods of transmitting software and each have been used in some form or another to pirate copyrighted material. I think this is all a waste of time because the simple truth is that if you take away the companies that

VoIP and a problem

In Michael Robertson blog, Legal Battles In VOIP: Vonage and e911 a few weeks back. He talked about disagreeing that "e911" should be mandatory by companies offering VoIP service. His argument is that it would be near impossible to pin point where an e911 call is originating and that the cost of getting this created would slow or even stop some businesses from continuing. I disagree with this statement because I think it would be fairly easy to create a system of software that would either register the device to an area and/or acquire the location of the net call from the ISP. It currently is done with trace routing software and that same technique could be used to generate a general origin and have either the user, VoIP vender, or ISP fill in the details of the address. I do see that Wi-Fi connections could be more difficult to manage. Especially when you get into a situation like WiMax or wireless anywhere connections because the triangulation would be difficult but even t

Review: Camera: Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom

View the camera here I purchased for my wife (lucky lady) the Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom. Her criteria was that the camera had to be able to zoom tight enough to allow her the ability to take pictures when we visit zoos and also still be compact enough to cart around without the need of a large case. She wasn't looking for the SLR type of cameras that have interchangeable lenses but something just below. In came the Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom. Our plus was that it was made by Olympus like my camera is and so we would be able to swap memory sticks without problems. It also allowed us to upload the photos from each camera using the same drivers for her Win 98 SE computer. Yes she is still using Win 98 but honestly it's because of all the really old games she still enjoys playing. Let me get back on topic. The camera's body is made of metal which I thought was good because it helped it feel very durable. It features a 10x optical zoom with a 4x digital zoom for a combined 40x zo

Tips: Digital Camera: What to know when buying

It occurred to me that even though digital cameras have been selling for some years now, people might not know what to look for when buying a digital camera. Well in this post I will give some pointers that will hopefully give you a better idea of what to look for and how to recognize a good value. First off you need to know your budget or what you are willing to pay for a camera with all the features you are looking for. Please don't tell me you are not willing to pay anything. It's just to obvious. In any case I try not to spend more then $US 400.00. So far I have been able to find well made cameras that also have features I am looking for. Next decide what kind of zooming capabilities are necessary. Are you going on safari? Do you find yourself at the back of the school gym no matter how early you get to little Johnny's school play? You will want a camera with a large number optical zoom. Third you want to decide on a megapixle size. 4 megapixle

Review: Camera: Olympus Zoom C-60 Review

I purchased several months ago a new digital camera. It was a wedding present from my wife to me. She didn't want to make the choice herself so she told me "I don't want to make a mistake and get a camera that we would regret later." So through the mailers and newsprint adds we looked to see what the local stores had to offer. After a few hours of tedious searching I came across a great deal from Office Max for the Zoom C-60 . Here is the features and benefits from Olympus' site. * A 6.1 megapixel CCD (effective) produces outstanding images and outstanding value for a camera so compact. * Frame your subject just the way you like with a 3x optical/4x digital/12x total seamless zoom. * 1.8" Semi-transmissive (low-reflective) TFT color LCD (134,000 pixels) cuts down glare and dramatically improves the visibility of the LCD in direct sunlight. * Thirteen (13) shooting modes give you the flexibility to capture amazing images for various situations (Landscape, Port


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