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Easy way to add panels in Opera

Hello again to everyone on the net. I'm writing again with a great tip for Opera users. This is a built in feature of Opera that allows you to add any web page as a panel. First lets understand what the panel is. The panel is the side bar or area that you can quickly choose from things like your contacts or downloads. If you press the F4 key on your keyboard you will see it hide and appear. It can be customized to appear at the top, bottom, left, right or even float in the Opera window by choosing the appearance option of the tools menu. If you look at the Panels tab of the appearance dialogue window, you will see you can choose what can be hidden or displayed. You will then see that you can add web panels as well. Web panels are bookmarks of web pages that can be access inside the panel window. This is very useful for calendar web pages like scrybe or google calendar and social websites like pownce or twitter . When you bookmark sites that you want to view in the panel window