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Review: Software: Opera

If you've spent any amount of time on my site you'll see that I have a link to the underdog browser Opera. I myself use Opera and I have not had any problems with a majority of the sites I have visited. One thing I like about it is that skins. I like the ability to make the browser look and feel different depending on my moods. With Opera you can add remove icons select skins and even set color choices. the menus are very intuitive in almost everything and the options are well labeled. I know what I'm changing and what it means to make that change. This browser has so many features right from the get go I'm only going to name a few and get you interested to discover the rest. First off the browser is fast when rendering pages. They use tabs instead of new windows. A great feature is the saved sessions. With saved sessions you can have several sites open at the click of a button. Very handy for web geeks like me who want several sites open at once all the time. Another g