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Opera hack: move your profile

I have a complex install of Windows on my computer. The main install of Windows in on a smaller drive (C:) and the rest of my stuff is on a second drive (X:). Since my C drive is small I try to move anything I can to the much rommier X drive. Since I've been an Opera user for at least 3 or 4 years now I have a lot of crap built up in my profile directory that can be moved. If you are running with just one drive you might want to move the profile into the Opera directory in you Program Files directory, or where ever you installed it to, for better control. First we change some settings in the INI files Opera Uses. Actualy it's only one INI file, opera6.ini, to be exact. Before you edit the file save a copy of it as a backup. With that done all you do is change C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Opera\Opera7\profile\ to where ever you want to put it. There are several areas in the INI file that you will have to change so I recomend using a text editing tool like word

Opera Hack: Remove advertising content from older versions of Opera

Even though Opera is now free of banner ads the stuff that contoled it was not removed. In this hack we are simply cleaning up the mess and insureing ourselvs that our system is clean. First off we need to remove the directory that held the ad content. open your Opera profile directory and you will see one called ACPO. just highlight and delete it. next is the regestry settings. Open regedit and then follow this path. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Opera Software highlight the folder "Opera Software" and export it so you have a backup. Then delete it. Your done. Now the Opera ad bar and ad contents are no longer on you system.

Opera hack: add/remove search site to toolbar

If you use Opera I'm sure you have wondered once or twice about adding or removing a search site or two from the search field dropdown. I have mine to the right of my address bar and it only shows the search options I want. This save me time and headaches when doing a search. I hope to add a new hack to Opera each week to show it's flexibility and power. let's get started. 1) You need to know where the information for the search sites is held. Fortunately Opera has named the file search.ini. Since it's an INI file it will be a real easy hack, because all you need is your favourite text editing app. So now that we know we are looking for search.ini you can search the main drive for the file or go directly to it. C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Opera\Opera8\profile The Opera8 directory could be Opera7 or even 6 depending on when you first installed Opera. An other thing to note is the main drive I have listed could be different for you also. 2) Open t

Review: Software: Gizmo Project

A few months ago the company SIP Phone released a competitive software called Gizmo Project . It's a program that allows a person with an internet connection to make a phone call to other computers or land line phone. It was an effort to compete with Skype which is also a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program, and a popular one too. Skype like many of the preceding Voip software uses a proprietary technology which has just recently been open with an API for open development. Gizmo uses of the shelf software and a semi open community to develop the software. One thing I notice while using Gizmo is the call quality. It is very close to a phone call. I don't notice any reduction in quality when in a conference call and it's easy to use. One thing I don't like about it is the interface it uses. It's very large and clunky for my tastes and I can't shrink it down to any size I want. when you call someone or receive a call from someone it increases the amount