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Double Digged / Dup'ed on Digg

Before during or after work I like to spend a minute or two at Digg to see what new news has been found by the digg community. I usually hang out in the digg for stories section where all the newest stories are submitted to. Even though this subject has been covered by many other people and submitted to digg for review it seems that we have some stragglers that missed the first and second showings. Because of the fact that several news agencies report on the same subject in different ways. Not to mention the fact that some people try to submit anything just for a chance to reach the home page on digg. Some stories are submitted several times into digg for review. While the community at large has done better to filter these double digging stories the problem still persists. The crew at digg have spent a lot of time and effort in trying to help submitters know that the story already exists but even so they still continue to submit. On some level that tells me that we should have a metric