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Install Quicktime without installing iTunes

Ever since Apple has forced you to install iTunes and Quicktime together I've been reluctant to update from version 6 to version 7. I loved going to the movie trailer area and seeing the trailers to movies they don't advertise on TV. But now they are requiring Quicktime 7 so I set out to see if I could install just Quicktime. First of course I had to download Quicktime with iTunes from the site, Next I used WinRAR to view the EXE package. Finally I move or extract the Quicktime file to a directory of my choosing and that's it. I can now open the Quicktime installer and not have iTunes on my system. Alternately you can create an install package of iTunes without Quicktime if you are so inclined to do. Simply extract the content of the iTunes installer you downloaded from Apple into a directory. Next copy the self extracting information from the right panel. Third delete the Quicktime installer from the directory you extracted the files to. Finally you high