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Opera tid-bits

Looking at the Opera icon I noticed that it seemed bland compared to the IE and FF icons. So I set out to create one that is updated. I found for inspiration. So here they are

New system for the Geek

After several years I finally decided to get a new computer. I took a trip to the local Fry's electronic store and spent an hour just looking at the different systems. Mostly because I was looking for a system that would be upgradeable with off the shelf part and also was built with hardware that was meaningful to me. So much of what is sold with a computer these days is never used because the people buying don't understand what they are looking for. Just as terrible is when you buy a computer that requires you to buy that manufacturer's parts. Compaq is notorious for this, forcing you to buy there RAM or add-on cards. Here were some of the items I was looking for. Windows XP Media Center Video input and output for TV Priced under $1000.00 After looking at systems that included hot swap bays I would never use and systems way over priced. I finally settled for an HP a1350n. It had everything I was looking for and almost nothing I wasn't. I don't really need the