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Review: Samsung x495

T-Mobile When I went to my local T-Mobile and went looking for a good phone I was actually going to get a sidekick or blackberry. What I ended up getting was the Samsung x495. It is a great phone. I have yet to find the phone that suits me best. I'm looking for a phone that I can hook up to the PC and move data to and from it. Things like ringers and wallpapers and the obvious phone book entries. Like I said before I was looking to get a sidekick or blackberry but I was done with the bar style phones. I wanted a clam shell or folding phone. I was doomed from the start. I was given the option to go to a Motorola phone that would connect to my PC with a USB cable but I didn't like the screen on it. The x495 was what I finally choose because it had a great screen the style was great and it did everything I was use to. The phone is just a phone. It won't take cruddy pictures of you and your friends, and it won't hold more then a few MP3 files at once which do not sound t