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Review: Blackberry 8700g

Just a few weeks ago I broke down and, behind my wife's back, bought a BlackBerry® 8700g. If you remember reading my last review I had a cell phone that used the ToGo minutes from T-mobile®. This phone would have worked with that plan but I would not have been able to do a whole lot. So I upgraded to a standard 1000 minutes plan and added the unlimited minutes for e-mail and internet. So I'm paying a lot more for service. So my first question was is it worth it, and for me it was. I'm now able to keep in better contact with family, friends, and work. The whole thing including a Jabra bluetooth headset took a $450.00 chunk out of my bank account but so far I feel it's been worth the cost. Hardware The hardware the phone comes with is standard equipment. USB Cable, Battery, Hands-Free Headset, BlackBerry Desktop Software, Travel Charger, and SIM Card. I was glad to buy a phone that had a Mini-USB plug connection because I knew I would be able to upload games