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Tech Gadgets for Holiday Gifts

Here in the States it's time again to open our hearts and wallets and give, give, give. I've just been trough a great site called . I used that site to pick out some of the better tech gadgets that I think would be great for your geek to find under the Christmas tree. So lets get into it. Skullcandy -G-I-Stereo-Headphones : Most any geek out there will have some fascination with audio. Weather it be they record their farts for a soundboard, or listen to great music, or even hunkering down to a great game, audio matters. These headphones will do nicely in any of the examples mentions and the look cool to boot! iriver clix : I'm not an Apple iPod kind of guy myself. I like to have the freedom to use an audio format known as OGG Vorbis . Not many players support it and if one player from a manufacture does support it then it is safe to believe nearly all it's players will. That's because OGG is a open source file type. that means the company didn'

Opera Hack: Change the way Reply and Forward headers are written

Well folks here is another tip for one of the greatest browsers, Opera. This one will allow you to change how your e-mails read so you can take more control of the one part I have a problem with in Opera. As those of you that tried the software might know Opera has a built in e-mail client. That they have called M2. The way e-mail is stored in the client is much the same way mail is stored in Gmail. Although I think it would be more accurate to say that Gmail functions much like M2 because M2 was out years before Gmail. In any case the mail is not stored in separate folders or bins. all e-mail is stored in a database type formate that has labels and tags to describe the e-mail to be a sent item, a received item, a deleted item, and so on. the labeling is limited to you. From this database of e-mails it becomes very easy to find an e-mail sent last year about vacation reservations I made or an e-mail from a friend with directions to their house. What does bother me is that when I reply