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It Keeps Your Computer Clean

nastiest malware trends 2007 The article above talks about some nasty and evasive programs known as malware. It gets this name from the fact that it is software that in some way is malicious to your system and/or personal information. check what Wikipedia has to say about malware . It now becomes your responsibility to insure some dirt bag isn't using you or your computer to make money without you knowing it. For a few years now owning just an anti-virus program has not been enough. These days you must also use anti-spy-ware/anti-malware software and firewall. The reason is that the anti-virus companies can't or won't identify the malware as a threat to your system like they would with any virus created. While the ethics and practices could be argued all day people and companies have stepped up to the challenge and offer programmes that scan for the malware or help blacklist websites known to have malware in place. I'll list a few of the programmes in a second and show