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Gizmo vs. Skype

For at least a year now I have seen Skype in the news showing advancement and becoming more and more a popular choice to using a telephone. It is a great service that offers an easy jump point into VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ). My brothers and mom all have accounts that they can use to call each other and make inexpensive calls to Europe. It allows people to seek out and communicate with people or businesses from almost all over the world. I however have not hopped onto the technology. I have however been using a similar technology that allows me to talk with the same people and places that Skype can. I am talking about Gizmo Project . It was started by Michael Robertson , who is the person who founded, SIPphone, and Lindows. Some very good software and websites. The basic idea is the same for Gizmo as it is for Skype. Allow a person to call anyone in the world. They both do this in different ways, and they each have created services that are not available to the oth