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Online Calendar Scybe Flickr Photostream of Scrybe The internet has more and more entered its way into everything we do as a society. It has become an awesome resource for information and communication. The new frontier is using the internet as an application. The beginning of this is personal information management apps or PIM for short. They usually consist of a calendar a contact list or some place to take notes. Think of your day planner and now put it on the internet. That is the idea behind what the team building Scrybe are trying to accomplish. They are also trying to bring the information to you even if you don't have an internet connection. This is done through what they call papersync and creating a page that can be used offline. They looked to have a great idea but let's see if they hit the mark. Logging into the site is simple enough. One thing to note is that you have the ability to save your workspace for when you are offline. This can be done because the whole s