VoIP and a problem

In Michael Robertson blog, Legal Battles In VOIP: Vonage and e911 a few weeks back. He talked about disagreeing that "e911" should be mandatory by companies offering VoIP service. His argument is that it would be near impossible to pin point where an e911 call is originating and that the cost of getting this created would slow or even stop some businesses from continuing. I disagree with this statement because I think it would be fairly easy to create a system of software that would either register the device to an area and/or acquire the location of the net call from the ISP. It currently is done with trace routing software and that same technique could be used to generate a general origin and have either the user, VoIP vender, or ISP fill in the details of the address. I do see that Wi-Fi connections could be more difficult to manage. Especially when you get into a situation like WiMax or wireless anywhere connections because the triangulation would be difficult but even then a solution could be created. Currently several companies are established that will locate stolen laptops and have been successful enough to offer a $1000.00 guarantee payment when a stolen system is not recovered within 60 days. Michael says in his blog that "There is a growing number of phone providers, including cable companies and Internet companies. If 911 is important enough to customers, then those companies will be motivated to offer that service." I firmly believe that an open standard is a better way because then the smaller companies have an even market and then it makes it harder for monopolies to emerge. I'm eager to hear what you think.